Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood is a non-profit that helps out families in the community. They sell cards in the local grocery stores which you can purchase as you are paying for your groceries. The campaign needed a boost, they wanted to remind people what a difference those few dollars can make. We came up with a few concepts and finally decided to use the psychology of guilt. Don’t we often splurge for ourselves and our families without thinking twice? A slice of pizza is $3 dollars and only lasts five minutes. We came up with the slogan “Make your money last forever”, as your good deed will always be with you. We used the same colors as the cards in the grocery for brand recognition, and placed photos of them on the ads. The ads ran in various local publications as a series. In the grocery stores on the display cases we placed the same style ad reading “Scan a tomchei shabbos card now. Make your money last forever.” This is a really strong call for action.

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