Targeting Your Market

Our designs are not just a pretty face- they have soul. At Chaya Murik Studios we really tap into the essence of what makes your target audience tick. We understand the depths of consumer psychology and raise it with aesthetics. That is why you will get results.

Design Production

Our journey to production is thoroughly researched and analyzed to fit both the marketing criteria and your companies style. The process is a step by step procedure involving a variety of options and directions that present to you and guide you in your decision.

We don’t just jump onto the mac we first research then develop, and finally communicate appropriate options for your company. We offer a broad range of services such as web, print and product design. We are open to new adventures and enjoy the thrill of a challenge!

Brand Management

Does your identity, branding and marketing communication reflect the essence and positioning of your business? Our success in brand management lies in our ability to create innovative and professional brands that are coherent with what your company envisions. We also specialize in expanding your existing brand to meet your growing needs. We will ensure clear communication of your mission that will withstand the storms of todays’ tumultuous market.